Amazing fish and chips at St. Lawrence Market

I’m a huge fan of farmers markets and local food vendors. I hadn’t been to St. Lawrence Market since I was younger and came on a field trip with school so I’ve been wanting to check it out since my food appreciation has increased as an adult(ish) person. Lucky for me, work brought me to the campus of George Brown College, so I was close enough to stop by for lunch yesterday.

A friend of mine who went to school in the area suggested that I:

“Go to the seafood place and try the calamari and fries.”

Of course, being one of the largest and oldest markets in north America, this wasn’t exactly specific. After taking a quick tour of the entire building and scoping out all the prepared food available, I noticed one seafood place that had a line at least 20 people long. In my experience, long lines usually indicate the local favorites.

The place was called Buster’s Sea Cove and it happened to be the same place my friend was talking about. I got into the long line about 20 customers back and I was pleasantly surprised that the line moved extremely fast. Having worked in fast food and other restaurants in the past I really appreciated the efficiency and organization of their staff. The guy on cash was fast and efficient without rushing you. I also liked that he called everyone “Boss”. Their line cooks all had a role and everyone moved quick to get orders pumped out very fast.

Line may be long but it moves fast.

Whenever I go to a local favorite I try to order what the regulars do, so after observing a few of the orders coming off the line I ordered the snapper and chips special. It was posted in large lettering right above the line so I took notice. The word “Snapper” was posted over what had said “Halibut” before so I assumed this meant that the snapper would be fresher. While the $11.99 price tag might be a little steep for your ordinary run of the mill fish and chips plate, I assure you this was worth every penny. Snapper is one of my favorite types of white fish and coming straight from the market I could tell it was fresh. The fish was flaky inside of a perfectly crisp batter. On the side was a huge pile of curly fries (my favorite shape of fries) and homemade coleslaw. I have a feeling that the tartar sauce was made in-house as well but I’m not sure. This plate could have easily been shared between two people, I couldn’t even finish the whole plate (I did share a few fries with some of the birds outside).

Overall, this was a great lunch and I’m glad that I made the choice and can’t wait to get back to the market again. Maybe next time I’ll have more time to look around and make a few purchases to take home.

Update: Since posting this I’ve returned twice, once with my parents and once with my girlfriend. Both times we inevitably ended up back here for the fish and chips, they are just that good!

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