Downtown food truck event – Gorilla Cheese


Me and my sister!

Food trucks are a rapidly growing trend in the restaurant business, I’m sure largely in part due to the Food Network show Eat St. The publicity has been sky-rocketing and food trucks are becoming known all over for providing gourmet foods at street food prices. They can do this because they don’t need to pay the overhead of maintaining an address and staffing an entire store front.

This was my first chance to actually try some of the hype. I first got word from the Toronto Food Trucks twitter feed that a few food trucks were going to be downtown at Yonge and Gould (right by Ryerson university), and luckily for me I happened to be in the area for lunch!

There were five different trucks at the event:

  1. Gorilla Cheese
  2. The Toasted Tangerine
  3. Caplansky’s Deli
  4. El Gastronomo Vagabundo
  5. Cupcake Diner (Not pictured, apparently I missed that one)

The trucks were scheduled to open their doors from 11am-2pm but I wasn’t able to get there until around 1:45pm so the trucks were mostly sold out by the time I arrived. After taking a quick tour of the trucks, I again used the method of “Longest line must be most popular” and chose to get into the 15 person line at Gorilla Cheese. My first choice would have been “The Lumberjack” with bacon, aged Canadian cheddar granny smith apples and maple syrup but they were sold out long before I arrived (*sad face*). I ended up choosing “The Binder” which had three types of cheeses – mozzarella, aged Canadian cheddar and pepper brick cheese – on multi-grain bread.

The Binder

First of all, the sandwich was heavy and HUGE! I can see how it got its name. Priced at $8.50 this was the most expensive item on their menu, I’m guessing due to the vast amounts of cheese they include. A friend of mine ordered the same thing and we both really enjoyed the sandwich but had a couple minor complaints.

I’ll start with what we liked – I liked the ooziness of the cheese as well as the crunch and flavor the multi-grain bread gave to the sandwich. The pepper block gave a very slight spiciness as well which was a nice added flavor. In terms of value, the sandwich was big enough to give two people a decent sized lunch. I gave about 1/4 of mine to my sister and by the end I was stuffed.

A few things we didn’t like – while I wasn’t even slightly expecting this to be “health food”, it was still a little high on the greasy side. I think this was due to huge amount of cheese in this bad boy. Also, the flavor profile was a bit one-noted. Basically every single bite tasted the same. By the time I was half way through, and getting a little full, I didn’t have as much desire to down the rest of it because I basically knew what it was going to taste like. No real surprises here. A giant grilled cheese sandwich made with top notch ingredients tasted exactly like you would expect – very good but no curve balls.

Next time I have a chance to try out these guys I really hope they don’t run out of the bacon and apples because I really think that if you added those to The Binder it would have helped with both of our complaints.

Can’t wait for my next chance to try out more food trucks!


5 comments on “Downtown food truck event – Gorilla Cheese

  1. James carpenter says:

    I had the same sandwich or grilled cheese I should say. I felt the same, nothing special, definitely too salty and every bite left me in the same boat: good but nothing special. It was as if it was stuffed in a blender and left on liquify mode for too long.

  2. jonchan8 says:

    Yes James! So true about the flavors all blended into one tone. It could have used something less salty to cut the taste.

    That’s why I’m thinking adding apples would be perfect.

  3. Caitie says:

    I’m not going to lie – I love grilled cheese, but that picture makes it look exactly as you described it Jon – a cheesy, greasy, semi-bland mess. However I have heard AWESOME things about Gorilla Cheese, so I know they can do better.

    Keep up the blogging so you can help me avoid all the awful bland food out there. Interested in testing out some of the foods at the Distillery Christmas Market?

  4. […] version of a classic grilled cheese stepped up for a more adult palette, inspired by an item on the Gorilla Cheese  menu that was sold out when I stopped […]

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