Fahrenheit Coffee

It was a quick pit stop to Fahrenheit coffee on the way to St. Lawrence Market one chill Wednesday afternoon, but boy was I glad to have stumbled upon this place. They had just opened their new location at 120 Lombard two weeks before i stopped by and I got the feeling that they were still settling into the place. The entire cafe couldn’t have been any bigger than a 20 by 20 foot box but the atmosphere inside was still nice. The unfinished wood counters were at chest level and reminded me of the quick to-go espresso bars you would see all across Europe. At the time they did not have any seating or wifi, but according to twitter they have now added stools and internet is available for dine in guests. This should really help grow this into a local hotspot.

I’m a firm believer that on top of quality food, a restaurant needs to provide the right atmosphere and service to be successful. Fahrenheit coffee definitely has the service side handled. I was served by the owner, Sameer Mohamed, who introduced himself in a friendly manner and offered to answer any questions I might have. I ordered my usual latte and continued to make some small talk while watching him craft my beverage. He also offered me a sample of the new baked goods by his in-house baker, Nesreen Mroueh. I had a bite of a chocolate chip cookie which was nice, soft and chewy with large chunks of quality chocolate, but didn’t order anything for myself as I was heading to the market for lunch with my girlfriend.

As you can see here, the latte art was crafted in the way you would expect from an award-winning barista. I’ve now come to see this as the initial indicator of a quality brew; much like how you would expect the presentation to be important in fine dining. The first step to experiencing a dish is visual after all. The latte was even better than I expected, the espresso was smooth and rich. The most surprising part for me was flavor in the foam. It had such a rich, creamy taste I even asked via twitter what type of milk they used and found out that they used homogenized milk. No wonder it tasted so good…

If I ever find myself in the area I would certainly give Fahrenheit coffee another go, and this time actually indulge in some of the baked goods. They also sell an assortment of whole bean coffee that I might have to stock up on the next time I am there. Although I am concerned that they might not do as well as they deserve because they are tucked away on a quiet side street. Hopefully its fan base from their previous incarnation on the esplanade will follow. Only time can tell.


One comment on “Fahrenheit Coffee

  1. Caitie says:

    Their first location was in an empty office in my building! Sameer is SUCH a nice guy – Fahrenheit became our go-to place last summer. The molasses sugar cookies are to die for.

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