Toronto Underground Market – March 2012 (Missed Vendors)

This is a few of the vendors at the Toronto Underground Market that I wasn’t able to get to. I snapped shots because they either were visually interesting or I had heard good things from my friends. Due to the cold I was less inclined to hang around and try as much as I had at the last TUM.  I honestly think that the cold made my stomach smaller.

This is just a photo journey as I don’t have much to say about each item since I didn’t eat them!

Jalapeno cornbread grilled cheese from Comida del Pueblo: I went for new items this time

Some of the Popovers from Popover Girl (unsure if picture IS the Popover girl)

Cute little tarts from Cashew & Coco

Just a few of the flavors of macaroons from The Sweetest Secret

The Royal Tree Beavers served Butter Chicken & Waffles which my friends raved about but I was stuffed by the time I got there


Pork Taco from La Carnita: This was from last November but I never got around to posting it!


One comment on “Toronto Underground Market – March 2012 (Missed Vendors)

  1. […] give you a relatively quick run down of my experience at the March TUM. Earlier in the week I had posted a photo journey of some of the vendors that I missed, but caught my attention. I was lucky to have some friends who arrived very early and were near the […]

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