Hamantaschen: Purim desserts

This past week was the Jewish holiday of Purim. It is the celebration of the ancient Jewish people in Persia and the defeat of Haman, who was plotting their destruction. There’s clearly much more background to this holiday and I encourage you to read more about it. Part of the celebration includes eating Hamantaschen. These small triangular pastries that symbolize the hat of Haman.

This year my girlfriend decided to try her hand at baking them from scratch. The results were delicious. Below is the basic recipe that she followed, making about 20 cookies.

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This is possibly the easiest to make appetizer that still makes a big impression. I prepped the bruschetta topping well ahead of time to let the flavors mingle and marinate the tomatoes in the seasonings but this can easily made just before eating. A fresh app like this requires the best ingredients to really shine so go all out at the market. I recommend looking for nice heirloom tomatoes because they tend to have firm flesh and bright colours to add some pop to the presentation. Continue reading

“All-in” 10 bean chili

It was a cold January evening. I was cozying up with a bottle of Rickard’s Dark as I have been known to do, and craving something really rich and hearty for Sunday dinner. This reminded me of my university days when my soon-to-be chef roommate would make a huge vat of chili to help get us through the bitter cold winters of Guelph, Ontario. The rich flavor of the dark beer helped me make my decision as well. Here’s my simple adaptation of several chili recipes I found on the web with lots of my own touches added. That’s why I call it the “all-in” chili, basically anything in my fridge that seemed like it might remotely work went into the pot. Continue reading

Hasselback Potatoes

I discovered this recipe on Foodgawker and thought it would make a great change of pace for the normal roasted potato side dish. The concept is pretty simple but it does look a bit more impressive than the usual, and of course is very tasty. The most difficult part was the prep work to cut each slit and fill with garlic, but I’ve found a small adjustment to the instructions that should make it much easier.

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Adult Grilled Cheese

Aged Cheddar Grilled Cheese with Crispy Bacon and Green Apples!

Grilled cheese is a crowd pleasing fan favorite. Not many people can dispute that. There is something comforting about warm gooey cheese sandwiched between two crispy pieces of bread that brings most back to their childhood days. This is my version of a classic grilled cheese stepped up for a more adult palette, inspired by an item on the Gorilla Cheese  menu that was sold out when I stopped by. Continue reading

Easy retro app: Spicy deviled eggs

This year for Christmas my family took a divide and conquer approach to planning the menu. We have a relatively small kitchen and often for Christmas dinner we’ll have 3-4 people bumping into each other all at once trying to get their dishes ready, so I wanted something I could prepare ahead of time. I decided to do a take on a simple appetizer after being inspired by an episode of Eat St. where they featured a spicy deviled egg. This is a recipe that I adapted from what I could remember from the show and a few of my own added touches.


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Easy “Rich man’s” Latkes recipe


This is the story of my first time making latkes ever. I was visiting my girlfriend for the first night of Hanukkah and her mom gave me the chance to try my hand at making the latkes. This is partially because I enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen and partially because her mom is not a fan of cooking. Now this is far from an authentic Jewish bubbie experience but I did my best to replicate it.

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