All the best fine foods (Summerhill)

It was a nice Sunday afternoon and I had a couple of errands to run in the Summerhill area so I decided to go for a bit of a walk in the neighbourhood. Over recent years there has been an influx of high-quality (and costly) food markets. You can get almost anything you’ll need for a really fancy feast. There’s a butcher, a fish monger, gourmet cheeses, a boutique market place and a fresh bakery.

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Toronto Underground Market – March 2012 (Missed Vendors)

This is a few of the vendors at the Toronto Underground Market that I wasn’t able to get to. I snapped shots because they either were visually interesting or I had heard good things from my friends. Due to the cold I was less inclined to hang around and try as much as I had at the last TUM.  I honestly think that the cold made my stomach smaller.

This is just a photo journey as I don’t have much to say about each item since I didn’t eat them!

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My Top 10 Tips for Food Festivals

With the Toronto Underground Market making its return this Sunday, I have been thinking about my experience at last year’s event. It was one of my first big food festivals and I feel l picked up a few good do’s and don’t’s for new-comers to a food festival of this magnitude. Here’s a quick list of some of those tips. Hope to see you all there! Continue reading

Photo journey: St. Lawrence Market

As I said in a previous post, I am a big fan of farmers markets. Aside from the great eats and fresh produce I just love the sights and smells and sounds of a busy farmers market. Here’s a photo tour of a few of the things that really caught my eyes while walking around St. Lawrence Market. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words so I’ll let them do most of the talking.

Beautiful light streaming in on market day

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Amazing fish and chips at St. Lawrence Market

I’m a huge fan of farmers markets and local food vendors. I hadn’t been to St. Lawrence Market since I was younger and came on a field trip with school so I’ve been wanting to check it out since my food appreciation has increased as an adult(ish) person. Lucky for me, work brought me to the campus of George Brown College, so I was close enough to stop by for lunch yesterday.

A friend of mine who went to school in the area suggested that I:

“Go to the seafood place and try the calamari and fries.”

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Toronto Underground Market – Last of 2011

This was my first experience at the Toronto Underground Market and I’m sure glad I made it out before they hibernate for the winter. It was a cool and drizzly November evening, but this didn’t slow the hordes of foodies from coming out in force. This was the fourth event put on by TUM and the buzz has definitely gotten around – the $10 tickets sold out within 24 hours of becoming available. Most items ranged from $1 to $6, so you won’t be emptying your wallet to fill your stomach with goodies. It took place at the Evergreen Brick Worksas usual, which in itself is a pretty impressive place setting. I’ll be alternating between “I” and “we” throughout this article because we took a team approach to sampling all the goodies at the show due to lack of stomach space!

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